Well, there was a bit of a hit and miss along the way but we’re approaching the kind of effect we were hoping for here as more members of the team are introduced. Sure, we’re still spinning wheels here with the narrative but that’s at least partly a function of the realities of available production time at one end with the artist since we’re contracting out for the artwork and available funding on our end.

Basically, there’s no substitute for getting out there and trying for yourself to see what making a webcomic (though I guess this is still at the stage you could call a proto-webcomic for a number of reasons) and there’s more lessons we have to learn both with putting together the content and also the associated aspects of promoting it to a potentially wider audience once we’re ready.

As of yet, we’re still not ready.

At least we’re still making some sort of consistent schedule and have been from the beginning, even if it’s had to drop back to one page a month again.

Next page is Monday, June the 4th – the content of which most likely is going to reflect the reality of where we’re currently at on top of everything else. See you then, then.