Well, this whole project is limping along with the faintest signs of life while clearly on life support. So, I guess still representative of the whole webcomic experience in a way.

Even more ridiculously, this page was completed and sent to me on the 6th of May 2021.

There was an idea for something to go with the New Year’s Day page for 2022 which I never got around to doing so everything kind of stalled for various reasons but I won’t bore you all with them now but could all be boiled down to not getting my act together.

Anyway, I felt the image for Jackthemaniac and Crazy J could have been better than the original (no disrespect to the artist intended) so here it finally is just a few days short of a year after it was made. Yes, this is more a sign of life post than anything else and certainly not advancing the plot one iota (yes, there was meant to be one at least once!).

I won’t make any promises about when the next page is going to be going on past recent performance over any past promises made but at the very least we are never, ever pulling the plug entirely (my still being alive notwithstanding).