I’m sure this will play better as a fast archive binge rather than as it currently is, being released monthly. At the time, it was thought of in movie terms, where a close up pulled back to reveal more of a scene. Maybe in retrospect, we could have skipped straight to this page. Anyway, this is the year where we get to learn the ropes of webcomic creation¬†through practical experience.

First and foremost, we’re absolutely determined to make sure we make our update schedule. Once we’ve demonstrated we can consistently meet that requirement at its current modest pace, then we’ll look at stepping things up at least a notch both in terms of frequency and creativity.

In the meantime, trust us, we are going somewhere with this. Plans have been made – though once again, this would probably still read better all at once. For now, you’ll have to wonder who this is and where they’re going until the next update on Monday, April the 24th.¬† I guess we will see you then, perhaps.