One of a few pages that we’ve actually had ready for a few months now but just didn’t get around to posting for a while now for various reasons, none of them terribly good.

The fact that this is out at approximately the same time as the first new Matrix film in decades in genuinely a coincidence. The possibly this could also be limping along trying to deny the increasingly inevitable ending of this death spiral several years in the making less so. In that sense, very much like the life cycle of many webcomics so this project is successful in illustrating that aspect at least?

But let’s see if we can turn this around, shall we? Working so well for The Matrix is it not?

Don’t forget to click back to the previous page if you want to see that video we commissioned from Gary Busey to our fearless leader (from one oddguy to another you could say – or is it a Fight Club-style situation? – time quite possibly will tell!).

We’ll try for a new page next month but we know better than to promise anything these days.

However, if you watch this space, we might all get lucky.