So as this attempt at what could be nominally called a webcomic keeps moving ahead. As we’ve seen, it has already gone through so many phases of the webcomic lifecycle already, from the regular updates to starting to stumble with ever increasingly separated posts followed by the promise to do better and then for that to be immediately followed by the interminably long hiatus of 16 months (2020 was such a terrible year and definitely best forgotten all round, wasn’t it?).

Well, now that we’ve got that all out of the way, the next stage we have to go through is exploding back on the scene with a bang and the biggest of best intentions going ahead!

And what bigger bang could we re-emergence with than a very special message to the team from our leader?

oddguy reasserts his dominance over Smash by seizing the means of production – and his FBI cap.

OK, immersion breaking time. This isn’t really an endorsement for The Bad Webcomics Wiki or anything we’re doing and obviously the real Gary Busey isn’t oddguy (probably).

Obviously I purchased a video (with a request that required a lot of follow up explanations) and the licence for using this I’m quite sure is non-profit use only. So no copying and especially no commercial use  so seriously, please don’t (yes, that’ll put a stop to all of that in its tracks, I know).

Also, no-one’s making money out of this site in any way as hopefully should be clear, it’s an experiment – an odd, odd, experiment that’s somehow still ongoing.

But it’s also just for a lot of fun and weapons grade silliness. I hope that’s coming across with all this. As has always been the case with this, it’s just that now we’ve leapt straight to the A-Bomb. There’s no way it’s not all downhill from here.

I also don’t know of any other way to get this to where oddguy could see it anyway so I guess we’ll see how this goes. We really have reached the apogee (or nadir depending on your point of view) of this whole experiment.

oddguy, if you’re ever reading this and feel in anyway inclined to do a reaction video I can send back to them, that’d be nice.

With all that out of the way, frankly I’m stunned. I knew this would turn out well if we able to secure it but this has exceeded all expectations!

This has been a long time in the making, or more accurately me getting around to getting it made after signing up for a Cameo account with the specific intention of requesting this (>1 year). Mr Busey and his team were exceedingly fast (<24 hours). The FBI cap was a happy bit of unplanned serendipity for anyone following the story, such that it is … (Smash, you’re on notice!)

Thank you to Gary Busey, his team and the people at Cameo for accommodating this escalating nonsense past the point of no return.

Now you heard the man, get back to work and make it good for once!

The next page is already made but it’s not going to be posted until June 1st 2021. We just want to enjoy this moment for a while.

Secure your very own message from our inspiration and leader here at Cameo! (Fees apply)

Artwork by Colin Wells who very kindly also did this for nothing more than the exchange of financial instruments in return for goods and services.