Here’s to the year of 2020 who is just beginning, if only we could work out what happened to 2019 …

Well, according to the very handy site Time and Date, it becomes 2020 for the first time one minute after this post went up in Samoa and part of Kiribati. Well, that was the plan, anyway. At least it should be a more accurate shot than the first time we tried this.

Another thing that was the plan was the most basic of webcomic goals which is getting a regular update out regardless of the content. Of course there’s higher goals (like any semblance of a cohesive plot would be nice) but you have to make this even more basic goal. No point having a brilliant plot if you only update once a year or less even (Gone With the Blastwave being the exception that proves the rule).

Anyway, we’ve failed miserably for the year of 2019 with the most basic of objectives of meeting the most basic of update schedules (and even when we did, the archives are a mess that leap all over the place while major parts of the site still look like a construction site).

Sure, there’s explanations and excuses and no end of reasons but at the end of the day, we’re left without product (even if it’s free, hard to give away product) and at the end of the day, if you want to call yourself a webcomic (even a bad webcomic, let alone The Bad Webcomic), you have to publish (something … anything! – well, almost …).

So, no promises but here’s to 2020 where we try to pick things back up again and if nothing else have another shot at maintaining the most basic of webcomic objectivesif nothing else, meeting a regular update schedule.

Who knows, maybe this year’s the year! (… we say again in hope …)

Well, we’ll give it another shot. We promise there’s a big overarching story we’re hoping to execute one day but first things first.

Like the very first thing as described above.

Happy New Year everyone!

(Whenever it happens to reach you, that is!)