Well, as you know from employer feedback a couple of pages back, they said the site was broken. That had us a bit puzzled as we never found a problem. The website’s all current with the latest updates (and there’s an announcement of a radical new forced update for WordPress called Gutenberg which sounds only vaguely  sinister).

Anyway, the key thing is that everything seems to be working now and all the pages display and in the correct order (this whole exercise so far seems to be both better and worse than I remember it).

The plan is (and there always has been a plan) to have a proper story (limited only by the skill of who’s telling it – and that’s a whole other story) with a regular update schedule. In terms of when we talked about learning the ropes, it was mostly to do with if nothing else, doing our best to stick to a regular update schedule (which we’ve managed so far – barely).

But the reality is, it’s going to cost a lot of money and artist time, both of which are in relatively short supply at the moment. So, what’s going to happen is we’re just going to keep this ticking over as best as we can to show that we haven’t abandoned this project and keep chipping away at the lead in to the eventual aim of all of this, a regularly updating story and by regular, at least once a week (we did manage it briefly, once upon a time).

So, I guess if you keep an eye on here now and then, it will update whenever we can. After all, this is all in the experimental stage – and the first stage at that which was “Can we keep cranking out a page at least once a month and not end up abandoning it by losing interest?”. Almost two years later and we’ve at least managed that much.

That’s also the reason we haven’t tried to draw any attention to this site yet either outside the one forum post back ‘home’. Still not ready for prime time. After all, it’s an experiment and the hope for experiments is to ultimately succeed – success for us is ultimately a webcomic like any other.

One day, though we hope. Until then, keep watching the skies – or this website, I guess. We’ll get there (well, at least somewhere) in the end, though word of warning, it could be a few years before this reaches real webcomic status, on the technical side at least. Storytelling wise … well, that’s a whole other story for lots of projects – and as we especially all know, some of them never make it. We’ll come back to reassess where we are on the spectrum in due course.

See you then, then.