Not coming soon to a webcomic near you.

Well, a key part of making a successful webcomic is a regular and frequent update schedule. Content is another story we’re going to get back to but if you’re not updating at a pace faster than the movement of a glacier, that’s a moot point. Like the Highlander, there can be only one Gone with the Blastwave after all.

So, we kind of dropped off a cliff on the updating side because various real life things came up involving an important real-life side of things. An important lesson is that an artist is a major rate limiting step. No matter how quick they are, it’s going to be the longest part of the production cycle and if the real world has to ever take them away from us, things can grind to a halt with the rapidity of a fast car meeting a brick wall across an express highway. It’s the ever present threat looming over every webcomic, no matter how long they’ve been meeting their update schedule when you stop to think about it.

But hopefully we can get back to passing the most basic of webcomic tests in this ongoing experiment of ours which is a regular update schedule.

How regular?

Well, that is to be seen.

Hopefully often and hopefully soon.

Watch this space!

And the other spaces, you never know what’s going to emerge from them without warning!

That’s why we’re here, always watching.

Whether we can actually do anything?

Well, that’s yet another story yet again.