Husk … sikkerhed på arbejdspladsen er meget vigtigt!

(Warning, possibly long spiel to follow for anyone interested.)

Well, I wanted to have this sign more prominently displayed so that all the text would be legible. The more logical thing to have done would have been to ask the artist to enlarge it during its previous appearance. Especially since it’s in Danish which I suspect most people coming here can’t read either. Instead, here we are.

Anyway, after a couple of attempts to get an interpretation of webkilla that both matches the source but fits the overall background we’re trying to set up, this is the closest we’ve gotten yet. You can probable piece together what we were trying to do from the earlier attempts. Believe it or not, we are trying to set up an ongoing storyline despite what looks like wheel-spinning.

However, that’s not to say there isn’t actual wheel-spinning going on now and then as we collide with the reality of available artists and sufficient funds to pay them (there’s definitely advantages to being good enough to do your own). If nothing else, we have to try and keep a regular schedule and keep one foot in front of the other while keeping in mind the longer term plan for a narrative (which I re-iterate we do have!).

As it currently stands, though we’re still learning all the ropes and how to put it together and part of the rationale to including some of our drafts, accidental digressions and tangential deviations is to show that journey and how it’s not always a straight line.

I think we’re getting there but I think we’ve got just a bit further to go before we’re there yet. As the title says, we’re not ready for prime time. Not yet, anyway. In the meantime, the short-term goal is to try and get the next page up by Monday, the 16th of April. One step at a time as we said …