We’ll come out of hibernation and end up blowing up Jupiter soon enough.

Well, this was an important lesson. A few things came up with our primary artist and then I got distracted with a few things and then before you know it, 6 months had gone past just like that.

Take home lessons include being both disciplined and having contingency plans in advance. Luckily, we’re still in the test phase to work out these very kinks before launching as an actual regularly and frequently updating webcomic with a real story and plot and everything.

A long, long test phase as it’s happened to be so far (we’re probably at best at the prologue to the prologue stage so far).

Anyway, things are looking up in relation to this test flight of a webcomics project so look forward to more activity in the latter half of this year (I mean, it would have been hard to have had less than it did this year to date).