If you’re not both writing and doing your own art, making a webcomic can often be a collaborative effort between the writer and artist. The artists are doing a favour translating my horrible ideas into visual form so I usually run with whatever variations from what I originally sent them but once in a while, I have to nudge things back towards my original suggestions a bit from the images and dialogue I was originally sent.

So for posterity and to show an additional step in the back and forth collaboration that often goes on (plus maybe an insight into the mind of the artist and what he thought of this project – as well as maybe ever regretting offering me some art as a favour), here’s the original version of what eventually was published as this page … with a handful of modifications.

(We’re still gunning for that PG-13 market which I believe allows you just one f-bomb so we’re saving it for a yet to be determined special occasion. I’m sure we’ll know it when we see it.)