So, here’s why we had a whole month off for technical issues. So, for anyone interested, here the whole story behind that and a few other things that have come up since we started this project (warning, potentially long wall of text to follow).

Short version first, after all the information was sent to the artist including the reference images, we got back a very illustration – of the reference images taken from forum members’ avatars. So, a short email discussion later “That email we sent you, go back to the images and keep reading, please.”. Hence the time needed to sort all of that out. Back to the drawing board in other words (quite literally in this case, obviously).

Key takeaway lesson here, sometime there can be a few stumbles along the way. Often, they can be unexpected and you have to be prepared to pick yourself up and keep going. The other important thing is to keep your audience informed if there’s going to be delays. People can be very forgiving provided they’re kept in the loop.

Ideally, that would be with some kind of message at the time the new page is expected at the very least. In retrospect, we should have dug up some art but if it’s any consolation, at least I actually took that photo myself, so some effort was expended on our part. I was also standing on a median strip on a decently trafficked road, so there was even some personal risk involved in theory at least.

On that note, the theme we’re trying to go for is doing this segment as a series of photos and other means of conveying images with all the characters we want to showcase. This time around, that element got lost in fixing up the intended images as seen in the last page before this one.

However, with all the back and forth in just getting ‘Horerczy’ spelled correctly, it was just like “Close Enough” at that point. You’re still totally meant to imagine they were meant to be Polaroids, though. We also got a series of larger images of each of these with this one on completion so we might as well run those too since all of that trouble was taken to make them.

TL;DR version: There will be a new image each day for the next four days after this one.

This project is certainly going to end up with an interesting set of alternate takes and off-cuts along the way. All part of the learning process in this project, I guess. Also, might as well take the opportunity along the way to have some more thoughts about all of this and where we’re hoping to go in what’s turned out to an impromptu week of reflection. I guess we might see you then, then.