Well, looks like we finally got an Encylcopedia Dramatica article (at the time of writing, this article is relatively safe but best to treat the whole thing at all times as NSFW) courtesy of the Big Man Upstairs.

Up to now, we have cleared the very low bar we’ve set for ourselves of meeting the deadlines we set for ourselves – well most of time – and as low bars go, it’s very low.

Also, there’s a lot of validity with the criticism here. Getting a new page out on schedule every week fortnight month is one thing but stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, not much good if the narrative isn’t good enough.

It’s already got one added hurdle of being meta, and probably an additional one of what kind of meta (so maybe it was always a lost cause) but having managed to meet some kind of scheduling requirement minimum for the last 18 months as our first test, time to both step back and step up to our next challenge of improving the ongoing storyline.

Now what that means in practice is there’ll be a decoupling of the updates from any specific schedule and instead, starting to concentrate on the longer arching narratives that lead to the final endgame that are planned.

Some initial building blocks have been laid in that direction but time to start working on them as an overall goal until the big event these have all been building up to (yes, there is one believe it or not) and then that can be run on a regular and frequent basis. It’s also meant to read much more like a proper story as well. Realistically, this is going to be years off, though to get the pieces in place.

In practical terms, what this means is that I might be updating this even less than once a month (it’s all very money and even more so artist dependent) at times. So, I can’t say from now on exactly when this is going to update.

Still, as this was and still is an experimental project until we’re ready to actually tell anyone outside one forum post (for the best part) that this exists (the aforementioned big event), I guess it won’t affect that many people reading this because most of whatever number of people end up reading this, will probably be through an archive binge and years later at that (when I finally run a Top Webcomics ad or something like it – goodbye in a little over a week from writing this to Project Wonderful).

What all of the above most definitely doesn’t mean is that I’m quietly closing the door on this despite all the words to the contrary and sneaking out the back door, so to speak. So, see whoever’s looking at this at the next update … whenever that is.