Our boss, keeping an eye on us from up on high and at least trying to keep us honest. A firm hand and inducing a healthy dose of fear does wonders in that department.

Yes, the hope had been to have another array of images featuring some more of the team but that collided with the availability of the artist as well as the time they could spare to put something together. These are another couple of important lessons we’ve experienced about making a webcomic.

So, this was put together because we did promise something for the 16th of April and the next page will be the 7th of May. Taking the above and the reality of what’s left in my bank account had led to a drop back to the first Monday of every month, probably until at least November.

I guess this is all part of the learning experience and there’s no substitute for actually trying to do this for real. As mentioned last time, there is a proper story in mind and the intention is to steadily progress towards making it but the above mentioned realities and our currently available resources mean we’ve still got a bit of a way to climb.

The important thing is, though is that we’re still climbing and with any luck, we’ll be making serious inroads towards our intended destination one day, complete with an update schedule to match.

In the meantime, well … for starters, I believe there’s the start of the culmination of quite the feat of world-building coming later this month with Infinity War (they’re just a bit further along than we are with their efforts …). Then next month will be both Deadpool 2 and as said above, a whole new page from us! See you again then, then.

… and with one click of oddguy’s fingers, half the webcomics on the Internet disappeared – well, either that or their creators eventually gave up on them – but not us! We’re in it for the long haul! No chance saying that will ever come back to haunt us, of course …