Well, one day this might be a real webcomic (that’s the long-term plan, anyway) but for now, it’s still at the point where we’re learning the ropes and trying things out, especially on the logistical and production side of things.

So anyway, due to my less than optimum execution over the last few weeks (artists can’t make stuff if you don’t tell them what you want), I’ve had a bit of a stumble. All the more likely when you’ve accelerated to 1 page/week.

Luckily, I have a spare image I could break out to buy me another week. Small problem of it being of a character yet to be introduced and even then, just a bit out of context from what’s going on.

Still, if you promise a page a week, you should try to deliver it if you can. Yes, I realise it could be seen as the epitome of filler and one of those things we undoubtedly have railed against somewhere.

Oh well, you live, you learn and plan to do better next time.

On that whole context issue, you can look here, here, here and here¬†as to how this came about in the first place for what that’s worth. We really do have too much spare time on our hands, don’t we?