Sometimes a red cap is just a red cap.

Sometimes it’s also a type of mushroom.

The original plan for this page when I put out a request was just some text on a sign on a wall (read as I didn’t want anything I had to pay for at this time). Instead, I was lucky enough to get not one but two actual story pages. Even better, I don’t have to pay cash for these either (many thanks to the artist is the least I can do, so here I am doing it!).

Anyway, it might not necessarily seem like being in character for either Dan or Brad given the lead in to last year’s Christmas party, roles and attitudes seem to have reversed here but then again, it’s not like people don’t do that in real time too. Also, like I said, free pages!

United States Midterm Elections are mostly on the 6th of November 2018 bar some special elections. Don’t forget to register to vote in states where it’s still possible! Admittedly, a lot a closed already. The plan was to get this page up earlier but … um … yeah … well … here we are now at least.

The bulk of our election analysis will be on the 1st of November when our next page is, so see you then, then.