So, these last three pages were an experiment based on something I saw done in another webcomic with splitting and then combining the image. In retrospect, maybe we could have skipped straight to this one but this is all a learning experience and the previous pages and their larger size are an opportunity to appreciate more of the detail and effort put in by the artist.

As for the major purpose this page served outside the story we’ve just embarked on, since The Bad Webcomics Wiki can’t review The Adventures of Dr McNinja for obvious reasons, I guess this is serving as a review-by-proxy. It would be fair to say that on average, we really liked it a lot.

We just about all liked this webcomic which repeatedly thrilled many of us on an average day and amazed us with some stunning plot revelations along the way. For me personally, I think it’s the best webcomic and one of the best things overall that I’ve ever read. The Bad Webcomics Wiki forums are where I first learned of its existence so for that alone, I’m grateful for its existence.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and after its beginnings in 2004 and the website (and the officially designated start in 2005), it now comes to an end in January 2017. I suppose this image is also my way of saying thank you and goodbye as well.

So, if you haven’t had the pleasure, there’s a substantial archive to read at the website here.

The creator of The Adventures of Dr McNinja, Christopher Hastings, has gone onto work for Marvel in the capacity of writing for Deadpool and Gwenpool among other things since he started The Adventures of Dr McNinja.

Former NASA astronaut Chuck Goodrich first appeared in Dr McNinja’s world in 2007.

Our world’s Chuck Goodrich joined NASA in 2008.

No really, have a look.

Just a coincidence or something more than that?

You be the judge.

Future pages to be on the last Monday of every month for the foreseeable future.

Eventually the hope is to get this to a more frequent and regular schedule but only when we’re certain we have the means to do so. Walk first, then run.

So for now, the next page on Monday, February the 27th.