We had a page planned well in advance for Christmas but sometimes the best laid plans – and ours fall through. So, with the permission of the webcomic Exiern, I’ve recycled an image from one of their extras made possibly as much as a decade if not more ago which imagined a scene from the story if it was set in the future which was titled “Tech Exiern”. Actually been dealing with webcomic crises during the day, such as spending the morning dealing with getting Exiern‘s Christmas Special ready on time for publication. It’s been one of those days.

Probably would have had a decent chance of getting away with it if I’d said nothing as the overlap between the sub-set of Exiern readers who’ve seen it (it’s not in the archives of the main comic) and here (we don’t exactly go out of our way to draw attention to this yet) but since this is all also a meta-commentary on how to make a webcomic – as well as documenting all the problems we had along the way and what passed for scrambling for solutions – here we are. I guess it’s also apt given the print industry’s been known to trace, recycle and even outright steal from other sources it’s less reputable (or at least more easy to get away with pre-Internet) past.

Well, at least we asked first before said theft as well as openly declaring it and we do plan to have mecha and the like at some point anyway, so kind of plot related and I suppose we can’t conclusively rule out these particular characters and robots aren’t going to appear one day or that this is happening on Christmas, so potentially topical and relevant, I guess?