Is that second chance moving from one career to the next? Or having a second run at publishing this page? Or both? We’re taking the meta to a whole new level here.

On a technical level, I guess it also demonstrates the difference between first draft dialogue written in a hurry as a placeholder to give the artist an idea of what you’re generally going for and a (relatively) more polished final product (I’m aware of my limitations as well as the nature of this particular endeavour but here we are anyway).

Of course, you also have to balance that with how much time it’s worth spending on refining your final product. I couldn’t imagine people spending more than 6 seconds looking at a page on average even if the overall concept wasn’t totally off the wall.

So even if in general you want to do a good job illustrating and writing a page (and you should!), there has to be a limit to how much you time you agonise over it and how much effort you expend on making it for efficiency’s sake.

I also have to remember to get my end of the production line in earlier and with enough time to spare in future. It doesn’t take much to throw a schedule off, especially the more frequent it is.

Suffice to say, the project continues, commenting on webcomics in general by constructing a webcomic. It’s all wheels within wheels down here.